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The Board of Directors of the McPhy Group,with the assistance of its Committees, sets the main orientations of the Company’s business activities, monitors their implementation, and verifies the general operation of the Company.

The functions of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer are separated. This separation is designed to ensure that the governance bodies operate smoothly, while promoting the complementary skills and experience of its members

The McPhy Board of Directors comprises eight directors with complementary skills and experience in energy and finance. Three are independent directors.

McPhy Energy's Board of Directors is:

- chaired by Luc Poyer;

- made up of eight directors, three of whom are independent (in accordance with the independence criteria of the Middlenext Code) and four of whom are women, with complementary experience and skills, particularly in the fields of energy and finance.

Pascal Mauberger, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Director of McPhy Energy, is also Honorary Chairman and, in this capacity, may be invited to the meetings of the Board of Directors where he will have a purely consultative voice.

Photo de profil de Luc POYER


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Photo de profil de Peter GERSTL


Permanent representative of Chart Industries, Inc.

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Independent director

Photo de profil de Jean-Marc LECHENE


Independent director

Photo de profil de Myriam MAESTRONI


Independent director

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Permanent representative of Bpifrance Investissement

Photo de profil de Christelle ROUILLE

Christelle ROUILLE

Permanent representative of EDF Pulse Croissance Holding

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Emmanuelle SALLES